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Cadets visit easyJet HQ

On Wednesday 28 August a group of 14 cadets and staff were lucky enough to be given an all access tour of easyJet HQ at London Luton Airport.

The day started off with a walk around the hangar and offices, explaining the airline’s history and how it manages it’s operations day to day. The cadets then spent some time in the Crew Room where easyJet crews plan their flights and carry out their pre-flight briefings. From there, the cadets were taken up the Air Traffic Control Tower operated by NATSproviding stunning views of the airfield and some great photo opportunities! The cadets were given a short brief on the various roles within the tower and were able to listen to the controllers giving clearances to aircraft and issuing instructions to ground traffic.

After a spot of lunch in the easyJet staff canteen, the cadets were taken airside of the airport to get hands on with one of the aircraft. The Airbus A320 had just landed after a flight from Naples and was due to be on the ground for a few hours. We were accompanied by our very own easyJet Captain and Civilian Instructor, Gurcharan Bhoday who showed the cadets around the cockpit and allowed them to test out the various systems on the aircraft including the APU, hydraulics, electrics, navigation, autopilot and even the PA system for the budding airline captains among the cadets.

We were also privileged to be joined by the Base Captain for easyJet at Luton who took the cadets around the exterior of the aircraft showing them what crews check for on their pre flight checks. The cadets had a go at opening the cargo doors, sat in the engine intakes and 2 lucky cadets even got to sit in a tug during pushback of another aircraft!

We can’t thank the team at easyJet Luton enough for such a fantastic visit. It’s not every day that you get to go behind the scenes at a major airport and are let lose on millions of pounds worth of airliner!

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