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DofE Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) is all about gaining new skills, pushing yourself physically, helping others and exploring new places.


The idea behind the DofE Awards is simple; 'its to inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development, and recognise their achievements'.

Completing your DofE Awards makes our Air Cadets more confident, motivated and capable people


What's Involved?


If you're 14 or over, then you can start your DofE Challenge. 1985 Squadron has two dedicated members of staff supporting Cadets as they work to achieve their DofE Awards.

The DofE Award is split into three levels, a Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE Award. And it's never too late to get in on the action - depending on your age you may be able to jump straight in at Silver or Gold level!

There are four sections at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold:

  • Volunteering - This is your chance to make a difference to people in your local community. You can volunteer with local charities or animal shelters, help fund-raise for causes that are important to you or coach new skills to people who might not normally have those opportunities.

  • Physical - Why don't you try a new sport, meet new friends and enjoy being active. 

  • Skills - Find new interests and get new talents (or perfect existing ones), with increased practical and social skills

  • Expedition - Get outdoors and plan, train for and complete an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad - an unbeatable experience

  • Residential - Only at Gold level. Getting to the Gold level is a big deal and this last stage could see you going to another country, sharing tasks and activities with people you've never met. It'll test your mettle, and set you up for what life throws at you in the future


Gold - The BIG Challenge

Completing your Gold Award is tough, it requires persistence and commitment but is completely worth it when you are stood in front of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh collecting your Award.


But there's one person who'll truly appreciate that achievement the most - you!

For more information visit (opens in a window).

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