Flitwick Air Cadets Meet Duchess of Cambridge

On Valentines Day, Air Cadets from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing were joined on their Skills and Development Course by the Honorary Air Commandant for the Royal Air Force's Air Cadets, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

On the day, The Duchess joined the Cadets in a range of activities including Team Work and Leadership Development, Flying, Flight Simulation training, Weapons Handling tests, Youth First Aid and the Initial Camp Experience.

Cadet Elliot Bierton, who was completing his Initial Camp Experience, had the opportunity to meet the Duchess during the 'River Jump.He said, "It was really good to meet such an important person. She was a good laugh during the activity and was really friendly." Besides meeting the Duchess, Cdt Bierton enjoyed the Flight Simulators the most because it was very professional and was a good representation of the real aircraft.

Sgt Harvey met the Duchess during the Weapons Handling training and had the opportunity to talk her through some of the training material. This development week marked the first training under the new Progressive Training Syllabus, where Cadets develop a wide range of skills to achieve different tiers of badges to be worn on the brassard.

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