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Cadets Enjoy Night Of STEM Activity

On the first Project Night of 2017, a large group of Cadets from 1985 Sqn competed to build the tallest tower possible out of paper and tape, with the asperations of holding as heavy an object as possible.

Each piece of building material came at a cost, so Cadets had to practise their budgeting skills as well as their building skills.

The first group used cylinder shaped tubes for their main structure but found it challenging to fix the two halves of the structure together.

The second group based their design on a table, using six strong support beams to hold up a platform. The group succeeded in holding up a pencil.

The third group used a similar cylinder approach, but without fixing it to the table, struggled to balance objects on the top.

The final group created a spike shape tower and used blutack to support the weight of a pencil.

The final test of the evening was could any of the towers support a mug. Only team four achieved it...


2017 is going to be a big year for STEM at 1985 Squadron with a team entering the two robots into the Rampaging Chariots robotics competition in Edinburgh in June.

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